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My Resume

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Twilio (2016 — Current)

Feb 2022 — Current
Sr. Manager Product Design — Twilio Segment

Returned back to design leadership as a dedicated product design manager. Currently managing product designers across Segment Integrations and Storage and leading design strategy across product lines for both new and existing products.

People manager and internal thought leader on workshop facilitation, advocate for strong user-centered design process, and capable mentor of PDs inside and outside of my org.

Jul 2021 — Feb 2022
Principal Product Designer — Segment Core

Led design for the Integrations team with one direct report.

Refined the user-centered design process and brought in the voice of the customer to benchmark the usability of the core experience.

Led strategy for the successful redesign of the data mapping experience based on the customer insights from the benchmark.

Led initial design for a new zero-to-one product launching in the spring of 2023.

Jul 2020 — Jul 2021
Principal Product Designer — Twilio Voice

Led design and design strategy for Twilio Voice. Worked with business unit leaders and design leadership to grow the team from two to five dedicated product designers.

Led the successful design of the voice experience for Twilio Frontline, a native mobile app that powers customer communication for Frontline workers.

Led the user-centered design process where none existed previously andmentored product partners on research methodologies and product/design partnership best practices.

Led the program management process for design and was critique leader across multiple lines of business.

Dec 2019 — Jul 2020
Principal Product Designer — Twilio Messaging

Led design on Twilio’s highest revenue product on a temporary basis to help turn design around.

Led the design of the Messaging Insights product, the redesign of the Messaging information architecture, and brought user-centered design best practices to the business unit where none had existed previously. My validation efforts were very successful and demonstrated the value of user-centered design through extremely positive customer feedback and increased customer satisfaction.

Successfully advocated to grow the product design headcount on Messaging three fold and hire a dedicated researcher.

Jun 2016 — Dec 2019
Principal Product Designer — Twilio Sendgrid
Denver, CO

Returned to IC work while my family was dealing with a health crisis.

Led the email design experience for Sendgrid’s marketing campaign product. Improved the product meaningfully through design thinking, visual design, and strong user-centered design practices.

Led Dynamic Templates feature validation effort in collaboration with my product partner. During validation we received signals of customer delight and saw customers increase their sending of emails through Dynamic Templates from hundreds of millions to over 6 billion unique emails per month.

Sendgrid was acquired by Twilio in 2019.

inPowered (6 years)

Aug 2013 — Jun 2016
VP of Product Design
San Francisco, CA

Managed an in-house design agency team consisting of product and visual design focused on designing an ad platform and creating experiences for large custom media programs for brands such as Verizon, AT&T, Samsung, and Intel.

Co-led requirements and design for inPowered’s ad platform in collaboration with inPowered’s co-founders.

The success of the ad platform led to an increased investment in that product line, and the eventual sale of the entire display ad business to Ziff Davis Enterprise.

Aug 2010 — Aug 2013
Sr. Director of Design (Netshelter, rebranded as inPowered)
San Francisco, CA

Grew our in-house design agency from zero to 5 FTEs plus contractors.

Conceptualized and productized ad products and the customer facing ad platform.

Geeknet (8 years)

Jul 2008 — Aug 2010
Sr. Director, Ad Products and Design
Mountain View, CA

Led a cross functional team of six direct reports consisting of design, product marketing, and analytics while reporting to the CMO.

Led an in-house creative agency to design for large brands such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Rackspace, Toyota, Dell, HP, and many others.

Presented with the sales team directly to top tier ad agency clients and brands.

In close collaboration with sales leaders, drove ~$10MM in premium ad revenue from zero, within twelve months of starting.

Aug 2007 — Jul 2008
Product manager,
Mountain View, CA

Product manager for wiki and other developer-facing tools on the open source development platform.

Worked on design and product requirements for ad products. After significant success with the creation of a new and high performance ad product, I was promoted to Sr. Director with management responsibilities.

Jan 2006 — Aug 2007
Director of Product Development, SourceForge Enterprise
Fremont, CA

Stepped in to take over leadership responsibilities following the departure of the CTO.

Manager of managers and responsible for a total team size of 14 people, consisting of product, engineering, design, customer support, and QA.

Led the product team through an acquisition to Collabnet and then stayed on with the parent company as a product manager on another product,

Apr 2002 — Jan 2006
Sr. UX Designer, SourceForge Enterprise Edition
Fremont, CA

Joined the team at the onset of rebuilding SourceForge Enterprise Edition from the ground up.

Performed user research and created user personas to guide the creation of product features.

Created user flow diagrams, wireframes, HTML prototypes, and detailed designs for every feature.

Worked closely with industry-leading agile software coaches to introduce an agile UX design process that enabled design and engineering to work in parallel.

i2 Technologies

2000 — 2002
UX Designer
Mountain View, CA

Senior member of the UX design team and led the design of several of i2’s applications.

Team lead for the division in a cross-company initiative in collaboration with Frog Design to implement a consistent style guide and interaction patterns across the company’s 100+ web applications.

Led usability testing and usability inspection techniques to identify key usability issues for two i2 products.


BS, Business
William Jessup University, San Jose, CA