Travis Terwilligar

  • Senior Designer
  • Leader

I’m a passionate, driven designer, leading design at innovative technology companies.

Senior Designer

I have years of experience designing for both consumer apps and enterprise apps, mobile and desktop, and everything in between.

Capable Leader

I've led many successful design teams. I excel at recruiting, mentoring, and retaining top design talent.

Passionate & Driven

I care deeply about the products I’m designing. I motivate designers, engineers, and cross-functional teams to deliver.


I contribute to business strategy and help shape product direction based upon an understanding of customers' needs.


I utilize data-driven design to optimize designs to the provide the best user experience and business outcomes.

On the Cutting Edge

I use the latest techniques, trends, and tools in product design to maximize usability, productivity, and collaboration.

Recent Experience

I’ve recently joined the amazing team at SendGrid in Denver. Sendgrid is transforming the way companies interact with their customers.

Prior to SendGrid, I was head of design at inPowered, inc. inPowered is a venture-backed startup in San Francisco focused on enabling marketers to get more readership of their content by promoting it through paid advertising.

See my resume for full work experience.

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0.1% Click-through Rate
311% Performance Increase

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